Brainbow is a creative design studio founded by Harry McGowan & Jimmy Thompson based in Los Angeles, California.

Since opening it's doors in 2008, Brainbow has serviced a broad range of clients in the music, film, fashion, and hospitality industries in all aspects of design strategy and artistic direction. In-house capabilities include animation, branding, print, website and UX design.

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Client: Roman Coppola
Identity System

Roman Coppola came to us to brand his new production company Burbank Gamma Ray. Aiming to find the delicate balance between the retro and the futuristic, we designed a custom typeface. The final version being a hand-drawn rendition. It was then utilized into the letterhead, business card and website design.

burbank gamma ray fill logo

BGR Logo fill

burbank gamma ray website

Logo on BGR site, outlined

burbank gamma ray thin logo

BGR logo single-line

burbank gamma ray letterhead

BGR stationary

burbank gamma ray business card

BGR Business Card

burbank gamma ray outline logo

BGR logo outline

boost mobile logo


Agency: 180LA

We worked with 180LA to create this animation for X Games superstar Travis Pastrana. The animation depicts an illustrated timeline of his life from age 2 to 22 for a campaign celebrating his foray into NASCAR. This animated campaign corresponded with a graphic timeline on Pastrana’s Facebook page where viewers could could click on various years of his life which corresponded with the animation.

travis pastrana facebook page

Travis's Timeline campaign as seen on Facebook

travis pastrana facebook page

Travis’s life timeline coordinated with the videos we made

john mayer columbia records


Client: Columbia Records
Queen of California & Drawsomething app

The video appeared on Youtube under the guise as a homemade “fan video” and instantly created a huge buzz around his single new “Queen of California”. It was made exclusively on the popular Draw Something app.

Rolling Stone
International Business Times

converse logo


Client: Converse
Agency: Cornerstone

We created the bumpers for Converse’s web video series about up and coming bands. Rubber Tracks is an innovate community-based recording studio in Brooklyn NY.


Client: Rule the Sale LLC
Identity System & app design

Rule the Sale is a daily deals site for 2014. We had the unique opportunity to work with this start-up in their infancy. Our job was to create their branding and unite it across multiple platforms. We provided the iPhone app concept, an animated company introduction video, website concept, logo, business cards, letterhead and icon design.

rule the sale logo icon

Rule the Sale mark

rule the sale iphone app

iPhone app

rule the sale logo text

Text with logo

rule the sale website

Website Design

rule the sale icons

A Selection of custom icons created for use in navigation

muscle milk logo


Agency: Pereira & O'Dell

We partnered with Jeremy Konner at Partizan Films for their hilarious “Muscle Milk Spring Break” viral campaign. We created all of the graphics and typography to interact with the footage. The video skyrocketed to over 1 million plays on Youtube.


Client: NIKE
Agency: All Day Everyday

We created NYC Bridgerunners identities in collaboration with the agency ALL DAY EVERYDAY.
These logos were used by the brand to promote their world-wide weekly running events.

The Standard Hotel


Client: The Standard Hotel

This 1600-drawing neon extravaganza was made for The Standard Hotel Group as part of Cine-Shorts. It’s a cell-animated experiment that corresponded with Arnold leaving office as governor and returning to the big screen.
Not only was the video quickly picked up by The Huffington Post, and the The Shortlist, even Arnold himself tweeted about it.
The film then went on to be exhibited at the Flux Screening series at The Hammer Museum and has since gotten over 100k plays.

 box gallery logo


Client: Mara McCarthy
Website & e-commerce

Brainbow designed the web presence for the Box Gallery in Los Angeles. The site features beautifully organized visual content based around the grid system. The site is 100% managed by the gallery utilizing a custom built Content Management System and as of May 2013 we launched their brand new e-commerce editions shop.

View the Website
View the Shop

box gallery website

Current Exhibitions Page

box gallery website

Past Exhibitions Page

box gallery website

Contact Page

slide image


Theatre on Demand
Client: Todpix.LLC

TODpix has pioneered a never before possible "theatrical on demand" strategy that gives the audience power to "demand" movies and other kinds of entertainment in their movie theatre of their choice at a time and place of their choosing. The TODpix system enables like-minded moviegoers to see films they want to see, when they want to see them.

Brainbow was resposible for all the branding elements, logo, character design, overall look and feel, Animation, Sound recording, VO, script, iPad app UX style & functions and Icon design.

TODpix logo

TODpix Company introduction video

slide image

iPad app style and layout

slide image

iPad app style and layout

slide image


Client: The Pestoni Family

We worked with the boutique Napa winery during a time of transition as they shifted from Rutherford Grove Winery to The Pestoni Family Rutherford Grove. Our task was to update their brand with the new personalized touch while strongly communicating their unique and rich history in the region. In doing so we designed their logo, website, vineyard map, tasting menus and their wholesale communication books.

View the Website

rutherford website

Rutherford Grove homepage

rutherford website

Wine page

rutherford website

Visit us page

Wine label mark

rutherford new logo

Pestoni Family RG logo

the red hot chili peppers


Client: Nero Productions
Motion Graphics

We provided animated content for 15 songs in the Peppers 2012 tour repertoire. Taking cues from various references as Jamaican imagery, WW1, bears, Henry Darger and London, England we created animated loops to represent each song.

red hot chili peppers world tour

“Monarchy of Angeles” live

red hot chili peppers world tour

“Monarchy of Angeles”

red hot chili peppers world tour

“Parallel Universe” live

red hot chili peppers world tour

“Parallel Universe”

red hot chili peppers world tour

“Factory of Faith”

blink 182 Honda civic Tour


Client: Blink182
World Tour Graphic package

We had an incrediblly fun time creating Blink 182’s whole tour visual package. After consulting with the band, we went off to our lab and created animations for each song. Each piece was cell-animated and was built around their concept album “Neighborhoods.” We tapped into themes from teenage love and innocence to dogs and firehydrants. The graphic package was used on their entire world tour.


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Since opening it's doors in 2008, Brainbow has serviced a broad range of clients in the music, film, fashion, and hospitality industries in all aspects of design strategy and artistic direction. In-house capabilities include animation, branding, print, website and UX design.

Harry McGowan

Co-Founder Harry McGowan brings a fine art perspective and a hands-on approach to his creative role at Brainbow.
In addition to working at the ground breaking digital agency Exopolis early in his career, Harry was named Associate Director of the MC Kunst gallery in Culver City in 2006. The gallery’s unconventional format was the perfect compliment to his creative talents and pool of diverse art world contacts and as a result, he produced some of the gallery’s most celebrated shows. In addition to producing major installation works for Paul Pfeiffer, Ari Marcopoulos and Daniel Martinez, he produced a two-story life-sized plexiglass New York fire escape for Kori Newkirk, a 16mm film for artist David Lamelas and numerous 35mm films for Turner prize winner Martin Creed. Originally from Nottingham, England Harry moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and attended CalArts, where he received a BFA in 2005 with a focus in photography and graphic design.

Jimmy Thompson

Co-Founder Jimmy Thompson is responsible for developing the strategic and innovative visual language that has become synonymous with Brainbow.
He began his career working under Mike Mills and Roman Coppola at their forward thinking and taste making operation, The Director’s Bureau. While there, Jimmy honed his skills in commercial and music video production and new media creation. Upon leaving the Bureau, he freelanced for such illustrious studios as Süperfad and Brand New School, further solidifying his natural prowess in bridging art and commerce through illustration, animation and design-based projects.
He continues to grow creatively outside of the studio by directing music video and film projects, including a commission by Getty Images, and exhibiting his work at galleries such as the Brewery, Fur Gallery, and Ghettogloss.
Jimmy received a BFA in Character Animation from CalArts and currently resides in Los Angeles, where he also teaches figure drawing part-time at Vision 21 Design College.