What we do

Our passion is creating fun yet thoughtful design that comes to life with a nudge and a wink. Our specialty is creating motion & branding packages, film sfx & titles and bumpers for television commercials.
All trained in the arts, our group is a multi-disciplinary minded assemblage of animators, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers. We pride ourselves in being a full service design firm who work with advertising agencies, brand managers and TV Networks.


Harry McGowan

Harry McGowan

Harry brings a fine art perspective and a hands-on approach to his creative role at Brainbow. In addition to working at the ground breaking digital agency Exopolis early in his career, Harry was named Associate Director of the MC Kunst gallery in Culver City in 2006. In addition to producing major installation works for Paul Pfeiffer, Ari Marcopoulos and Daniel Martinez, he produced seminal film works for David Lamelas and Turner prize winner Martin Creed. Originally from Nottingham, England, Harry attended CalArts and currently resides in Eagle Rock with his wife.

Jimmy Thompson

jimmy Thompson

Jimmy is responsible for developing the strategic and innovative visual language that has become synonymous with Brainbow. He began his career working under Mike Mills and Roman Coppola at their forward thinking and taste making operation, The Director’s Bureau. Upon leaving the Bureau, he freelanced for such illustrious studios as Süperfad and Brand New School, further solidifying his natural prowess in bridging art and commerce through illustration, animation and design-based projects. Jimmy received a BFA in Character Animation from CalArts and currently resides in Los Angeles.


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