Racing Extinction



    Brainbow teamed with the Oceanic Preservation Society to create the titles for the epic-in-scope “Racing Extinction,” a documentary charting how humanity has altered the planet. The objective for the titles was to open the film with drama and leave the viewer with a sense of mystery and anticipation.
    In the sequence, the letters turn to face the camera one by one in dramatic fashion, like soldiers calling for your attention.
    Something was needed to counter the stoic delivery of Extinction–something agitated and faster paced.
    Hence, above “Extinction” appears a racing clock, counting up from 8000BC to present day, further punctuating the urgency and the years of impact on the planet.

    At the end of the countdown, it settles on the word “Racing.” Meanwhile, a distant light appears and begins to shine over it. It was used to represent hope, human intervention and searching for solutions. The letters proceed to drift into the background contrasting the once strong letter formation. If things are left the way they are, this could all disappear.

    Client: Oceanic Preservation Society & Discovery Channel
    Design and Animation: Brainbow
    Art Direction: Nate Naylor
    Production Company: Oceanic Preservation Society
    Producer: Olivia Ahnemann

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