Baxter of California, the Los Angeles-based men’s grooming company owned by L’Oréal launched BAXTERPEDIA™ this fall. The centerpiece of the launch was the “WTF” video series where we created 10 scripted, barely-educational videos that address the many personal care questions men have in a super unhelpful way.

We worked closely with the brand to develop the creative direction, scripts and casting. We also produced the series and handled the post-production. 

Yasmin Dastmalchi – AVP, Marketing for Baxter of California
Fernando Febres – Marketing Manager for Baxter of California
Directors – Jimmy Thompson, Adam Greene
Producer – David Johnson
Director of Photography – Ben Goodman
Cam Op – Kyle Beiermeister
Gaffer – Adam Siler
Swing – Bahadur Karaorman
Sound Mixer – Meghan Underwood
Production Designer – Josh Greytak & Annette Kiddo
Hair & Makeup – Mo Meinhart & Erica Preus
Production Assistant – Asia LeMasters
Music & Sound – Andrew Deadman
Copywriter – Ian Ghent
Talent – Justin Martingale, Karl Hess, Jay Ali, Tobias Jelinek
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